Au City College de San Francisco

Un message de professeur René Morel (City College de SF):

“I will be teaching the following courses. Note that all of them will be taught en français, take place at the Downtown Campus in SF (4th Street & Mission), from 6:30-9:20 PM. Also note that, since the first course is a credit course, you will NOT find it if you click on “Non-credit courses” (if you do not want the pressure of test taking, you can enroll and then sign up for the Pass/No Pass option).”

“IMPORTANT: You first need to enroll in the college (CCSF) by filling out an on-line application unless you were a student last semester, then you can enroll in a specific course.”

FR 5: French Literature and Culture (Advanced conversation course)

Mondays. Credit course. Prerequisite: FR 2A + 2B with a passing grade. Or you can take the on-line test. $161 for the course.
No book to purchase ($2 xerox fee).

CONTINUING EDUCATION COURSES: To enroll for these short-term courses, you need to go to the C.Ed. site.
Tuesdays. 7 weeks each. $185 ($170 if you enroll one week before). No book to purchase ($2 xerox fee).

LA 362: Naughty French and Advanced Conversation.

Sept. 6-October 25, 2016.

LA 363: French Idioms and Advanced French Conversation.

November 1st-December 13, 2016.

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